2015…. well, 4 months in.

Every day since January I’ve been telling myself, “Natalie, you must blog”… but then, life took over and with the many plates I have in the air, I just didn’t think I could add another.

Then I finally sat back and thought, ‘wait, Nat, YOU control your schedule’, what an epiphany! Who would’ve thought! So.. with a new week ahead, I thought NOW is the perfect time.

Last year was great. Busy, in terms of writing, but great! I not only finished my proof pilot but I completed the entire first season. Actually, I did get called ‘crazy’ by a fellow Producer in a meeting last week, but in a good way I must add! It’s been a great process. A fun process and a lot of work, but great! Writing is interesting. You go into a bubble and seclude yourself. There’s something so wonderful and intimate about it, but also lonely. You’re there, with your thoughts and your imagination and you start this creation. Before I knew it, by episode 6, the show was it’s own monster. I felt like I barely contributed. It just wrote itself. As if it had known all along what it was meant to be. I felt like an observer, just watching it all unfold. I finished the edits and then jumped on a plane home to Scotland. THAT was the best award ever!

I spent a month back home. Hanging with my mum, spending time with my friends and catching up with my brother James. It was sheer bliss. I think my mum and I watched more movies in those 30 days than I did the entire year! In front of the fire, with the rain and snow coming down outside….. it was my heaven. My happy place. My Sanctuary. I honestly believe, I have the best mother on the planet. Not only is she a fellow actress and writer, she is my best friend. We can talk for hours and hours, wine in hand, tea in hand, whatever! We laugh ’till we cry and we talk about everything. She is wise beyond her years and is literally, the coolest woman I know.

It’s so wonderful going out with my friends in Edinburgh. We hit the new bars, the old bars and anything in between! The friends I have, I’ve known since I was a young chickee. Man I felt like we ruled Edinburgh back in the day! We ran around that City like nobody’s business. We knew everyone and had hookups to every bar, club, you name it! When I’m home and out with my gals, it’s like nothing has changed. It’s easy and fun. The only difference is, babies and marriage! Lots of them on the scene these days.

I came back to America on January 10th and pretty much hit the ground running. (I feel like I need to go home again for ANOTHER holiday!!!). I saw the trailer for the Series I shot last year, FAME DOGS. It’s still in POST right now, but the trailer looks FANTASTIC! I play a bitch of a Hollywood Agent and I LOVE it! Kind of a female ‘Ari Gold’ if you will. A dream role! Then I reunited with my Director 3 days before I left for Scotland on a short film for SLAMDANCE Film Festival. This time playing a Shady Hollywood Reality TV Producer. Yep… another dream role!! Do we see a pattern here?:)!!! I then returned to the set of LOCKHEED MARTIN, which is almost like home now too. I’ve shot for them for over seven years now and they’ve become one of my “On Set” families. I adore our Director Tony, and our team who fly in from all over the East Coast to be on set with us. After Lockheed, I came on board on a new project, “Kiss the Demon”, written and being directed by Matthew Roth. It’s a thriller and a truly brilliant script. I’m producing and starring in this one, so it’ll be a lot of work ahead, but I live for that kind of work.  (More on that as we go!)

So, even though we’re a quarter into this year, I still have a lot to conquer. The show being made and the movie being shot. And the goal at the end of the year? Fly home again, to Edinburgh and await the arrival of my new god child:) It will be the perfect ending to the perfect year! God speed in making everything go well and our visions come to light.

Here’s to Monday! Making it count! Every second of every day.

Have a blessed one everyone!

Talk to you soon!!

xx Natalie.